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When employing new staff,
it is their attitude that really counts

Reinhardt K. Sprenger (*1953), German Manager Trainer,
management consultant and author www.zitat.net

We want our guests to feel at home with us – or even “to feel even better than at home”.

So that is why we rely on staff for whom harmonious collaboration and team spirit are important, who enjoy serving and looking after our guests and have chosen this career accordingly.

Professional knowledge is also of great importance, but “only” plays a secondary role when choosing our staff.

Our motto is less hierarchy and more team spirit. We are essentially independent and intuitive people. We want to be there for each other and help out whenever necessary. The boss helps out at the beer pumps, and his wife makes the beds when help is needed. And that is just what we expect from everyone in the same “boat” as us. We do not think in departments, and we prefer profitable guests to going off duty.

For this reason all of our senior staff participate in the profits, and the main sales persons participate in turnover. For us, performance, supplying services and commitment are of utmost importance – and that deserves to be rewarded! In our field of business further training and visionary thinking also play a major role – we therefore pay for our staff to go to many seminars. In return they only have to give up some free time.

Would you be interested in joining our team? Send us your application in writing , either in form of a letter or by email, or with your personal application home page.

Please get in touch with me directly.

Thomas Dürr


Unser Langschläferfrühstück von 9-12.30 Uhr ist die optimale Voraussetzung für einen guten Start in den Tag.

Datum: 03.10.2014